” A deeply moving experience” Horst Vollman, Holocaust survivor

“You were magnificent!” Jude Schanzer, Program Director, East Meadow Library

Prudence Holmes’ play Hiding Anne Frank was mesmerizing from the start.  It is brilliantly written and composed and Prudence plays all of the roles, seamlessly transitioning into one character after another and is completely believable.  I was caught spellbound throughout the entire performance and emotionally drawn in.   It was Prudence Holmes’  skill and expertise that wove this story together beautifully and her compelling performance  was completely transporting.
Susan Luddeke, Professor, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
Thank you so much for the amazing performance last night.    The audience was thrilled with it.

James Trapasso, Events Co-ordinator , Ossining Library

It’s always nice to welcome back Prudence Wright Holmes to Lansdowne Woods. Wonderful performance of “Hiding Anne Frank” in the Theater this evening.

Donnaliece Carey, Activities director. Lansdowne Woods

“Prudence put on an amazing performance with many levels showcasing the subject matter in a truly creative fashion!” Shane Maritch, Audience Member